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  • Rock The Farm
  • Rock The Farm

Rock The Farm

A festival identity with real roots

  • Branding
  • Event Design
  • Packaging
  • Website Design + Build

We worked with the Chase Distillery team to create a new brand identity for the re-launch of their Rock the Farm music festival. Tapping into the Chase family heritage of farming potatoes, the festival identity brings to life their earthy field-to-bottle values and artisanal spirit. Our brand work mirrors the company itself by placing the potato at the very heart of it. We even created a bespoke typeface in the process, ‘Spud Sans’.

The new identity really gets across that Chase is a from-scratch, home-grown operation. It conveys so much complex messaging but in a simple, unadulterated fashion. ShopTalk/DEPT®'s work communicates very effectively who we are as a business to all the festival-goers.
— James Chase, Chase Distillery