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We love talking shop, and believe the best work always starts with just that. Open, honest, enthusiastic and passionate conversations about the thing that interests you the most. If you’d like to kick off a conversation, we’d love to hear from you.


Talk It.

ShopTalk London started with a pub conversation after work. One of hundreds of conversations where we found ourselves talking shop.

Those conversations have taken us on some amazing adventures, from part-owning a pub in Mayfair to the international terminal at SFO, to wearing hard hats planning exciting new start-up projects.

We love the entrepreneurial spirit and surround ourselves with people who have it in abundance. Whether you’re a start-up, a challenger or an industry giant looking to spark a change, we’d love to start a conversation. Let’s talk.

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A Digital
First Rebrand


Strategy + Branding + Digital Guidelines


Chambers and Partners


Chambers and Partners, the world’s leading provider of legal research and analysis, approached ShopTalk to help future-proof their business by creating a fully digital and more consumer-focused visual identity, while preserving the company’s gold-standard reputation. Our work culminated in an extremely extensive & exhaustive set of brand guidelines, built as an online portal, to ensure that the identity was rolled out, used & evolved correctly throughout their entire global presence.

ShopTalk has acted as a sensitive brand guardian, walking the line between legacy and modernity. The strategy has brought everyone together and made them excited about the future, while maintaining our position as market leader.

Rhianna James Moore, CMO, Chambers and Partners


Chambers and Partners’ heritage puts it head and shoulders above its competitors, so whilst we evolved the visual and verbal identity to reflect where they are as a business now, it was vitally important this heritage was respected and clearly communicated. Handling this shift was no small task and a very delicate operation, requiring a new digital brand strategy to handle the expansive and diverse nature of the project, and so that the highly discerning and loyal client base would see the value of this shift.


The laurel leaf took centre stage, adapted to function in a digital environment. It served as a unifying device to carry graphics, imagery and content. The colourway nods to the ‘sector blue’, but it’s a more vibrant RGB palette that works on back-lit devices. The typography is clear, professional and immediate; and the tone of voice respects the discerning client base, with a sense of clarity, authority and conciseness that honours the gold standard. The use of photography also shows off Chambers and Partners’ new outlook, depicting a progressive, dynamic attitude.