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And Things

And Things

ShopTalk London is an independent design and brand studio, improving the relationship between people and things.



Ultimately, we do all that we can to see real people’s relationships to real things in the real world change for the better.

We have seven key principles to help us do this, we call them Straight Talking.

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Our Services

  • Brand & Visual Identity
  • Strategy & Positioning
  • Tone Of Voice
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Communication
  • Campaign Creative
  • Packaging Design
  • Event Design
  • Website Design & UX
  • Motion Design
  • Social & Online Display Design
  • Social Campaigns & Guidelines
  • Digital & Experience Design

From The Start

ShopTalk London was founded by James Wood and Paul Ferry. Between them they have over 26 years’ experience working in global creative agencies.

Thankfully, ShopTalk is now much more than two, we are a multi-skilled, experienced and talented team that love to get on with things. However, Paul & James still can’t help but be hands-on, and love talking shop. If you do too, drop them an email.