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Piëch Sans

As part of our brand identity project with Piëch, we collaborated with type designer Robin Eberwein and the Piëch Design Lab to create Piëch Sans: a digital-first variable typeface. Like the car, the font takes inspiration from Swiss heritage, functioning as a geometric sans serif font that marries European tradition and electric innovation. While the font’s form draws from traditional Swiss fonts or Swiss Style, a form of typography which emerged in Europe during the 1950s, it also borrows from the “dynamic curves” of the Piëch car itself.

Piëch looked at every single design detail when crafting the car and typography was an opportunity for us to apply that same level of attention to detail. Typography is a hugely important communication brand tool, but is equally as important in the experience of driving the car, through elements such as the dashboard welcome screen and UI. Working with such a talented type designer as Robin meant that we were able to build on the other skilled designers and makers that have contributed in all areas of the car design process.

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