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Goodness in every touch, swipe and scroll

innocent have always blazed their own trail, however the global website had been a little left behind that trail.

Over the past year or so, we’ve been working hard alongside some of the brilliant minds at Fruit Towers to take innocent’s global website and turn it into something to be proud of.

As with all things innocent, the unexpected should be expected. We found honesty in imperfections, becoming perfectionists at creating imperfections… Focusing on the little touches as much as on the big, in your face, ideas. Showcasing everything that innocent does so well, but without a soapbox in sight. Culminating in a joyful website that inspires a healthier world.

The 1.0 version, built by the in-house team at Coke, went live across markets in Summer 2021. 2.0 is still being built, with plenty more uniquely innocent twists and turns still to come!

See the case study here