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A Brand to Break the Mould

One thing we talk about as designers is the idea that a visual identity is the voice of a brand, and should speak to the viewer with the same personality and tone as any individual who represents it. Therefore personality and individuality are two of the most prevalent notions to consider when defining a brand identity.

With this in mind, the team at Entropy approached us to redefine their brand and online presence to set them apart in the industry, to appeal to the mavericks and break the mould. For us this was all about bringing their personality to life.

Taking visual inspiration from their ethos of being Codebreakers and Agitators, we developed a visual brand using nods to code, dynamism through movement and a bold colour palette setting them apart from the crowd. We also crafted a bespoke code-inspired typeface to allow them to truly be unique.

Visit the website at