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Getting Our Hands on Some Heinz

We were brought on board by Heinz to help build on the digital expression of a fresh new re-brand that had just been completed. We were tasked with defining and producing designs to communicate this new evolved new identity effectively and consistently through a new Heinz brand web presence.

The comprehensive body of work spanned each & every Heinz sub brand and 18 different markets. Boasting a product range of more than 5,700 varieties, it was essential that the design could accommodate the individual identities and personalities of all the different sub brands – Beanz, Pasta, Sauces, Soups and more – under an all-encompassing Heinz umbrella.

The work also needed to be both robust and flexible enough to roll out seamlessly across more than 18 markets, taking on board the nuances, needs and language of each. To achieve this, we looked to hero the individual product ‘personalities’, but always with a clear Heinz brand presence. People are invited to find out more about the company, the products, the history. There are recipe forums and news updates, and the brand messaging is evident at every touchpoint.

See more of the detail in our full case study or have a look for yourself on the Heinz UK site.