Food for your belly

Bacon and eggs, Sun and Sea, Designers and plaid shirts. There are some things in life that are simply meant to be, other times it is the unlikely partnerships that flourish the most. Taking cuisine from both sides of the North Pacific, San Fransisco restaurant Belly combines classic Korean and Mexican comfort food, and they came to us with the mouth watering opportunity to create a brand to bring it all together.

Using the same level of fusion thinking, we took influence from the design cultures of both countries, with added flavours of the Californian sun; to develop a brand that was sophisticated yet fun, modern yet classic, youthful yet experienced.

In addition to a bespoke logotype and colour palette, we developed a library of icon/illustrations that encompasses all that Belly has to offer, to best portray a dining experience that’s fresher than cracking open a cold one in the Cali sun.