Women Equal Business

For the past few months we’ve been involved in the creation and development of a very exciting new brand. WeQual exists to open the door to FTSE 350 executive committees, and empower brilliant business women to confidently stride through it. To work alongside these women to change the male dominated culture of these executive committees, to ultimately improve these businesses.

We have been working closely with its founder Katie Litchfield, to create everything from the name (a derivation of ‘Women Equal Business’), to articulating WeQual’s reason for being & underpinning values, through to a full visual identity and website design.

Visually, the main intention of the brand is equality and balance. We were able to boldly show this with the use of the equals symbol – created in the negative space of the letter E. In addition using an (almost) entirely black and white approach – highlighting both the idea of balance and the straight talking, clarity of message stance that the brand takes.

There’s plenty more to come, with the inaugural WeQual Awards, hosted by Sandi Toksvig, happening in London in September this year. Full case study to follow.