Sounds of the Studio

Music plays a huge part in any design studio and we’re no exception. Our Sonos is working hard from lights on to lights off each day & every new employee that comes through the ShopTalk door gets their favourite record added to our vinyl wall.

This all started with our first ever Christmas card, when we wanted to use this affiliation with music to bring a more holistic festive experience to our clients – by mixing a classic Christmas card, with a musical soundtrack packed with our festive favourites. Christmas cards that play a tune as you open them are fun & nostalgic – but ultimately the sound is poor and the experience is gimmicky. We wanted to create the 21st century version of this, one that was accessible to all, simple, and – as a new start up agency – cheap! Settling on Spotify as a flexible, widely used and free to download vehicle to create and share our playlists, we discovered the QR code-style search function. As we explored this code, creating a bespoke version for our playlist, we ended up flipping it to sit vertically and put the logo below it – suddenly a Christmas tree materialised before our eyes.

Fast forward a year, our playlist collection is continuing to grow. Each playlist cover design cleverly weaves the Spotify code into the heart of the illustration, celebrating the theme of the playlist. Be it the shine off a vinyl record, the mouth of a scream mask, or setting sun light reflecting off the ocean.