A very merry Christmas

As we’re now less than a week away, it’s finally safe to mention the ‘C’ word… Christmas!

Contrary to popular belief, we’re not always talking shop at ShopTalk London HQ, we do sometimes take the odd few days off. And one of those times is over the festive period where we get our Christmas playlist on, and swap talking for singing to get us in the spirit of the season.

If you want a festive playlist to get you in the mood in the final run up to the big day, look no further than the ShopTalk Christmas playlist on Spotify. Either head straight to it via this link – or scan our Christmas tree with the Spotify app (just tap the camera icon in the search function and hover over) and you’ll be in the Christmas spirit in no time.

Merry Christmas all, and thanks to everyone who’s supported us through our first year, here’s to an exciting 2018!