Eat Fan – Happy Mouths

EatFan provide lunches to the Canary Wharf business community, with a focus on genuine Asian flavours & ingredients, cooked using more western methods to produce dishes centred on maximum flavour and convenience. Up until this point, quite rightly their sole focus was the food, but with business now booming they asked for our help in bringing together their values, approach and ultimate outputs into a cohesive brand that they could truly get behind and use to grow into their own retail space and beyond.

The final work encapsulates the genuine focus they have on taste, bringing to life the wide variety of flavours and the expressions those flavours create (the curved wordmark gives a subtle nod to a smile). The combination of Asian and western design techniques & symbols were used to demonstrate how EatFan combine the two cultures in their approach. All our overarching thinking and the subsequent assets produced were created with scale in mind, and so EatFan can grow with confidence in one clear, exciting direction; building & maintaining strong relationships with their customers.

Watch this space for more work coming soon.