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We love talking shop, and believe the best work always starts with just that. Open, honest, enthusiastic and passionate conversations about the thing that interests you the most. If you’d like to kick off a conversation, we’d love to hear from you.


Talk It.

ShopTalk London started with a pub conversation after work. One of hundreds of conversations where we found ourselves talking shop.

Those conversations have taken us on some amazing adventures, from part-owning a pub in Mayfair to the international terminal at SFO, to wearing hard hats planning exciting new start-up projects.

We love the entrepreneurial spirit and surround ourselves with people who have it in abundance. Whether you’re a start-up, a challenger or an industry giant looking to spark a change, we’d love to start a conversation. Let’s talk.

James & Paul

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Branding + Identity




EasyRoommate were changing. By name, to roomgo, but by nature too. To become a more active brand, one that goes beyond just finding people a room to one that finds them a new community. And continues to support and nurture them in that community to truly enrich their lives beyond just putting a roof over their head. Our challenge was to provide a new brand identity that truly conveyed this change.


We worked with the team at EasyRoommate to get under the skin of this new brand invigoration, identifying four key avenues: the global nature of the brand – but with local roots & knowledge; the idea of being more than a room finding service, but instead a community finding service; focusing in on mobile as our key vehicle; and looking to make roomgo feel more like a verb than a noun.

The team at ShopTalk helped us articulate both the local community roots and sense of international adventure, enabling us to move forward in our desired new direction dynamically and confidently. When you build a new brand from scratch it really becomes your baby and so it's testament to ShopTalk & the work they produced, that they’ve made us love it even more.

Jack Martin, General Manager


We refined these four key areas into brand pillars from which to work from: Connected Globally. Defined Locally; Community = ; roomgo it; and Sociable & Mobile. Taking these forward creatively into the brand identity work, we focused on the three key consumer offerings that roomgo provides: Your Destination; Your Community; and Your Space – three levels of intimacy and interest that the discerning and adventurous customers of roomgo are concerned with. We looked to create a dynamic, mobile-first logo and supporting identity that then spoke to each of these elements, showing the active & holistic service that roomgo provides, and their understanding of the importance of each.