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We love talking shop, and believe the best work always starts with just that. Open, honest, enthusiastic and passionate conversations about the thing that interests you the most. If you’d like to kick off a conversation, we’d love to hear from you.


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ShopTalk London started with a pub conversation after work. One of hundreds of conversations where we found ourselves talking shop.

Those conversations have taken us on some amazing adventures, from part-owning a pub in Mayfair to the international terminal at SFO, to wearing hard hats planning exciting new start-up projects.

We love the entrepreneurial spirit and surround ourselves with people who have it in abundance. Whether you’re a start-up, a challenger or an industry giant looking to spark a change, we’d love to start a conversation. Let’s talk.

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Strategy + Branding


Chase Distillery


Launched in 2008 following their first successful venture with Tyrrells crisps, Chase have gone on to produce world famous spirits, winning the prestigious World’s Best Vodka 2011 & Gin 2015 awards in the process. The creative brief has always been simple: to help them build an honest, Great British brand with as much care and passion as they have themselves.


We were asked to help them re-define their brand for a growing global audience. We developed a strategy around three core principles that were truly unique to Chase. In a crowded marketplace it was important that Chase not only stood out but communicated their honest, family driven story in ever expanding new markets around the world.

ShopTALK brought a very experienced and sophisticated approach to our recent brand redesign, both in THEIR strategic style and design talent. THEY instinctively had a great understanding of our brand values and were able to convey this effortlessly to help us tell our story.

Lorna Hollings, Chase Distillery


The brand was updated around the core logo, introducing new typography, imagery and tone-of-voice that would enable consistency and retain their farming heritage. We then rolled this work out across digital, print and packaging.