Shop Talk

Too Dutch?

An interesting building from a couple of years ago – the Inntel Hotel Amsterdam-Zaandam, Zaanstad by WAM architecten. A neotraditional heap of the green painted canal houses completed in 2010.

The architects described it as the new centres ‘eyecatcher’ which it certainly is. The building brakes all ties with the conventional appearance of town centre hotels; its 12 storeys clad in a varying collection of projecting stacked façades based on traditional Zaanstad houses.

Wilfried van Windens, chief architect of WAM, thought that a town centre hotel should be like a home from home. Therefore the 160 rooms in this hotel allow visitors to stay in their own little houses. “The best compliment I’ve had,” says Van Winden, “is from friends who say the building makes them smile. This should be enough for any architect.”

Whether you love or hate this piece of Dutch irony, its still delighting its customers whilst playfully pushing the boundaries of kitsch.

Joe Haire