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Protect your Google ranking with Norton

Ever searched for your name in Google hoping to see your online portfolio or C.V only to find a picture of a fat man in a leotard?* Or maybe you have a name like John Smith and you don’t want to be mistaken for John Smith the Labour party leader or John Smith the film artist (I googled John Smith).

Well now, if you can use a computer and happen to live in Scandanavia (not sure what the percentage of STL users that equates too), you can control what appears as the number 1 search result for your name thanks to Norton. How are they doing this? Well quite simply they are ‘buying the rights to your name as a Google adword and giving it to you for free’. What lovely people.

So next time you find yourself in Scandanavia worried about what a future employer will find when they google you, you can relax at the thought it won’t be that overweight picture of you in a leotard.

*Googling Dudley Wild does not come up with this picture. Also why did you click that link, sickos.

Dudley Wild