Shop Talk

Next Generation Shopping

Now, anyone who knows me knows that shopping really isn’t my thing – so this is a slight diversion from my comfort zone. However, recently I’ve stumbled across a few pretty interesting ideas being used in retail so thought I’d break the mould and dive in on a quick post on shopping.

First up is a new app that turns you into a virtual salesperson, but not just for the companies benefit, you get a cut of the profits of whatever you sell too. It works via a NextShare app – very simply, when browsing products online, if you see one you think a friend or friends will like, you can press a Facebook share style button, enter into the ‘programme’, and the link is shared on your wall. Any time anyone then makes a purchase via this link, a cut of the profits goes directly into your pocket.

Everyone’s being looking for a good way to use Facebook to boost advocacy of their brand – now someone has harked back to the good old technique of whacking an incentive on it and hey presto!

The next one comes from South America and a classic brand from my childhood (thanks mum) – C & A. Turns out that it was maybe only in the UK that they were a bit regressive, and hence disappeared from our high streets in 2000.  As over in Brazil they’ve taken the step to integrate Facebook ‘likes’ of products into their stores, embedding a digital display in each hanger that displays these likes, to an extent showing how popular an item is. Effectively taking the best of in-store shopping – hands on, try on approach - and the best of digital – user/peer reviews and advocacy – and marries the two together. Question is, would you be more inclined to buy a product with higher numbers on the hanger? For those of you who speak Portuguese you can watch the video here.

And finally, a subject close to my heart (and therefore only loosely under the ‘shopping’ theme) – coffee. Tim Hortons (US based coffee house – think Starbucks but less  fancy) have  teamed up with Gulf news in UAE to print up-to-the-minute headlines on coffee cup holders. Nice little insight – what goes better with your morning coffee than catching up on the day’s headlines.

Looks like merging the benefits of the virtual and real world is the thing to do at the moment…

Paul Ferry