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#2 From the galleries to the streets…

Guest Contributor: Jess Jones-Berney

It’s that time again, our friend Jess (from Handpicked London, LDN & Urbanist) takes a look at her pick of exhibitions, street art and events happening across London, have a great weekend -

Repre Out 1st May – 13th May

May marks the first exhibition of Repre, a collective of nine up-and-coming artists who have secured the rather lovely St Martin in the Fields for their debut. It’s a really nice mix of contemporary representational art with the likes of Nathaniel Fowles’ London cityscapes, Rebecca Molly’s pensive faces and Jemma Grundon’s moody skies on show.

The Cyclic Gate Out 19th April – 18th May 2012

The Cyclic Gate at Summaria Lunn is like stepping into a freakish, hallucinatory circus where the artist plays ringmaster to a series of illusions. Eerie is the name of the game here, as the centerpiece is a rigid levitating corpse draped in cloth and surrounded by an audience of child-like figures. It chillingly references photographs of the Heaven’s Gate mass suicides in America – a cult believing that aliens would beam their souls up to a spaceship trailing the Hale-Bopp comet. It doesn’t make easy viewing but interesting nonetheless.

RONE at Old Truman Brewery

If you’re in the mood for something that won’t depress the hell out of you then check out RONE’s multi-coloured mural by Old Truman Brewery. While the Aussie’s signature female faces are more commonly found beneath Melbourne’s underpasses, our drab British sky plays perfect host to this gem, drawing out a kaleidoscope of colours against the grey drizzle that’s currently holding London hostage.

Credit: Hookedblog 

Still Life Out April 5th – May 12th

For something bordering on deranged, there’s still time to see Wendy Mayer’s bizarre ode to disturbing dolls at Charlie Smith. These are definitely the kind of toys you would avoid playing with in the nursery. Particularly the one that can only be described as the overweight love child of Barbara Streisand and Jonny Vegas. Sufferers of pediophobia beware.

But if the thought of leaving the comforts of your home for sodden streets this weekend is too much, then simply peruse through Gavin Hammond’s London in Puddles. Each photograph intimately captures a snippet of the city as it is reflected in pavement puddles. Who said a little rain can’t be poetic?

Jess Jones