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How to Photoshop a burger

  Well not quite – just a quick thought on McDonalds’ recently uploaded video on Youtube, showing exactly why the burgers on their adverts look so much better than the ones you buy in their ‘restaurants’. On the face of it a very bold and brave move from McDonalds, and one that has sparked much debate, with the over riding response to it a positive one. Through this video, which was a direct response to a question from a consumer on...

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Paul Ferry

Tumblr & Breakfast – a winning combo

So it’s taken me a whole 3 months to post my first food (or Breakfast/Brunch/whatever you like) piece. Well, a favourite of mine BKFST has recently had a sharp update and now hosts hundreds of brilliant weekend recipes to sample. Combining a slick Tumblr theme and sexy food photography it’s definitely a winning combination. The site is run by Diana and Catherine, who simply share ‘breakfasts found on their internet travels’. Still can’t top the simple Avacado Egss Benedict – insane. Slight deviation I know but breakfast...

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James Wood