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Chrome Web Lab

YouTube Preview Image

Check out this teaser video for Google Chrome’s new ‘Web Lab‘ which will be exhibiting for a year in the Science Museum, London later this summer. The great thing is that if you aren’t fortunate to live in this great city you can still experience it by interacting through the website (that’s if you can tear yourself away from Chrome’s other experiments, like the ‘Circle Game‘…seriously don’t click that link…it’s addictive.)

The project looks very exciting indeed. “Web Lab is made of up 5 Chrome Experiment that bring the extraordinary workings of the internet to life and aims to inspire the world about the possibilities of the web.”

“Worldwide visitors both on and in-museum will be able to make music with people across the world; launch information into cyberspace and see where images on the web live; watch their portrait being processed, translated, and then drawn in sand by a robot; and travel instantly to far away places all over the world.”

Is it really geeky that I can’t wait to check this out?

Dudley Wild