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Change your tune

Over here in TED@MediaCom we’ve had a little unrest recently. Our department almost doubled in size in around 12 months and with expansion came bureaucracy. Seeing as we’re ‘The Entertainment Division’, with music, film and gaming clients, it’s unsurprising we’ve got real passions in those areas  - music probably being the most prevelant.

We used to have speakers. We used to have collaborative Spotify playlists. We used to always play Lionel Richie – All Night Long’ at 5pm on a Friday. But then the adults confiscated them and we all now sit in silence with our headphones.*

Then, my colleague Biscuit Bass discovered – a brilliant take on the modern day chat room. You create a room, have an avatar and then when it’s your turn to get on the decks, you can pull in something from SoundCloud or YouTube – between the two of them, you have all the music you’ll ever need. The premise is simple, if you like the tune that’s played you ‘Woot’! if you don’t, ‘Meh’ away. Woot-ing causes your little avatar to bounce around (so cute) and Meh-ing makes you look like you’re utterly miserable.

It’s picked up a lot of traction with labels themselves – my personal favourite, TriAngle records (who house brilliant artists such as Evian Christ, Balam Acab and Clams Casino) regularly host  a room and have some of their top Artists curating. A Tweet from TriAngle themselves shows how much the rooms can go off. All in all, it’s a way to hear top artists DJ for free, often sitting at your desk.

So next time you want a bit of a silent disco, check it out. You might just well stumble over a musical goldmine.

*I love my job and my team. Please don’t fire me.

Clare Deloford