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Are we embarrassed about what we do?

I went to see this recently.

Its one of a number of billboards by Scottish poet Robert Montgomery. They were up in Old Street, and I went to see them with my Dutch friend Stef.

Stef also works in media, and like me, is quite smitten with the anti-marketing Arts. There is definitely a comforting poetry in blaming all of societies evils, inequalities and unhappiness on advertising. And since the dawn of consumption we’ve been doing it. You can go back as far as George Orwell who referred to advertising as “the stick rattling in the swill bucket of capitalism”.

And fast forward to the present day. Below is an open letter that’s been dominating my Facebook feed of late…

Weirdly, all the people ‘liking’ this are people in advertising.

Do we see uncomfortable truths in it? Do we agree with it even?

Are we slightly embarrassed about what we do?

I’m not, but I am with Dave Trott

Personally I’m with Banksy on this.

We do come uninvited into people’s lives.

If we can’t do that in an amusing, informative, fun way, we shouldn’t do it at all.

If we can follow Dave’s advice maybe we can all stop ‘Liking’ stuff that’s an indictment of what we do

PJ :)

Pete Jackson