Shop Talk


Shop Talk London was born out of a desire to create a space where all people working within varying creative industries in London can share their everyday experiences, inspirations, thoughts and opinions with other Londoners under the creative umbrella.

Creative industries involve a great deal of collaboration, whether you’re a media planner or an architect, inspiration can come from anywhere and collaboration with other industry sectors is part and parcel of a successful project. We want to take this concept to a blogging website, for people to share their unique points of view, ideas and start discussions to ultimately spark further inspiration and collaboration. As well as simply to share favourite bars, internet musings, the best London cups of coffee and upcoming events across London.

We see this site as a canvas for all these people to be able to post as and when they want, with a wide creative audience and without the pressure of being the owner or sole contributor to the blog. Everyone can set up their own profile as a contributor, so you can be recognised for your ‘work’, receive personal messages and possibly build useful contacts within the industry. Effectively it’s a communal blog. We’ve already snared a fine selection of talented contributors, with a range of backgrounds and experience (meet them here).

Anything to share or discuss, or would like to join the Shop Talk community, please email

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