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#3 From the galleries to the streets…

Tate à Tate

A week on from the Jubilee and us common folk are allowed back on the Thames, this time courtesy of Tate à Tate – an alternative river tour between Tate Modern and Britain. It’s site- specific sound artwork themed around the hot topic of BP sponsorship of Tate. Plus the tour is free to download and I’ve been assured that the Tate boat fee is meagre

Rooftop Film Club, Queen of Hoxton

Having recently seen Spinal Tap up on the fairy light lit terrace of the Queen of Hoxton, I highly recommend booking yourself in for one of their newly announced roof top screenings Snuggle under blankets, wine and popcorn in hand, to watch golden oldies from Arnie to Indie as the city fades from day to twinkly night around you.

Doris Salcedo, White Cube (25 May – 30 June 2012)

Damien Hirst may have hijacked the Bermondsey branch of White Cube with his Two Weeks One Summer show, but don’t fall prey to the lure of a big name. Your time would be better spent perusing Doris Salcedo’s painstakingly beautiful ‘A Flor de Piel’ over at Mason’s Yard This handcrafted terra-cotta canvas is made from thousands of rose petals stitched together, showing that beauty often lies in its simplicity.

The London Festival of Photography (1 June – 30 June)

The London Festival of Photography  has spread itself across the likes of the British Library, British Museum, Tate Modern and V&A this month. With 18 exhibitions in all – covering street, photography and conceptual photography, there’s a little something for everyone. If you only get chance to see a few make sure it’s Minnie Weisz, Suki Chan and the Student Street Photography Award Exhibition.

National Theatre Inside Out (June – Sept.)

The National Theatre  is embracing the British summer (come rain or shine) with a calendar of festivities performed outside the brutalist building. Riverside terraces will play host to aerialists and flame-ridden tango dancers, while tucked away up on the theatre’s roof you’ll have chance to see performances set against a panoramic backdrop of London.

Jess Jones