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We love talking shop, and believe the best work always starts with just that. Open, honest, enthusiastic and passionate conversations about the thing that interests you the most. If you’d like to kick off a conversation, we’d love to hear from you.


Talk It.

ShopTalk London started with a pub conversation after work. One of hundreds of conversations where we found ourselves talking shop.

Those conversations have taken us on some amazing adventures, from part-owning a pub in Mayfair to the internal terminal at SFO, to wearing hard hats planning exciting new UK start-up projects.

We love the entrepreneurial spirit and surround ourselves with people who have it in abundance. Whether you’re a start-up, a challenger or an industry giant looking to spark a change, we’d love to start a conversation. Let’s talk.

James & Paul

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ShopTalk International.

This week we got our first official bit of business travel at ShopTalk London under our belts. Heading over to San Francisco to catch up with our Tomokazu clients and spend some time with our new friends BCV architecture.

Great to see the progress of Tomokazu’s new restaurant in SFO’s International terminal as well as spending some valuable time working in their time-zone to help efficiently dot the ‘i’s and cross the ’t’s on the branding and design work. Big thanks goes to Feed for putting us up in their fancy new office digs in the financial district for the week.

We even managed to squeeze in a day off for some sightseeing, as well as being in town for the Golden State Warriors NBA Finals win!

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